Burson Audio Timekeeper 3 Integrated

PrisNOK30 000,00 inkl. mva.


Burson Audio Timekeeper 3i is a 2W per channel fully discrete headphone amplifier and 100W per channel stereo speaker amplifier.

Burson Audio Timekeeper 3i is the ultimate all-in-one by adding a 100w pc Class-AB speaker amplifier into a Conductor”.

Consistent with Burson’s Reference series, it has a dual-mono, fully discrete DAC with one SABRE32/ESS9038Q2M DAC chip per channel. The Timekeeper 3i has an Xmos USB receiver customised by Thesycon in Germany, able to stream DSD512 and 38bit/786khz audio files. The Bluetooth 5.0 receiver streams at 24bit/96khz with aptX HD and Sony LDAC audio codec.

Amplifier wise it has a 100Watts Class-AB speaker amp. (two gain levels to suit both near-field and full-range speakers) plus a 2 W Class-A headphone amp. (two gain levels to suit both IEM and power-hungry headphones). The Timekeeper 3i is powered by the Burson Audio